Friday, April 24, 2015


Today, they started work on the installation of the new observation deck in the large pond.  We are told that the installation will take about one week.
Jimmy Vincent from the Humber Arboretum Arboretum has just sent us an update about bookings for nature programs this May and June at Sam Smith Park.  Approximately 1350 students are booked!
The new lookout will be finished just in time to be used as one of the outdoor "classrooms".
Let's get them interested in nature while they're young!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Alan Roy with some Tibetan volunteers
A very successful clean-up this year - the park is virtually spotless!
One spot remains strewn with litter and that is the still wild area just north of Father John Redmond School.  It has been suggested to the school's administration that students from the school might finish that area off.
Congratulations to Alan Roy for pulling it off one more time and a heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who turned out on a chilly, windy Sunday - especially the FOSS folk.

Best find this year goes again to Brian Bailey - in the large pond, a very broken "Parrot Drone Quadricopter" - $350 at Best Buy - OUCH!!
Contact Friends of Sam Smith Park if these are your lost keys

Sunday, April 19, 2015


A pair of fish was circling a gravel bed just off shore where the culvert enters the lake from the pond as if they were planning to lay eggs in the gravel.  They look like they may be trout (Speckled?).  Please email Friends of Sam Smith Park if you can shed light on this.

Mark McAdam has solved the mystery ....... "They are Rainbow Trout. Any outflow (the culvert) or harbour will draw a few trout (outside of their natural river route)  during the spring spawning run. They seem to get locked into these unproductive areas where they will still try to spawn."

Thanks, Mark.