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Thursday, March 12, 2009


In our discussion the members agreed that we will continue to provide meeting minutes to members of FOSS through email and for members without computers at the next general meeting. We will not be posting our minutes on the BLOG. Our general meeting are well advertised and are open to both member and non members. We encourage everyone to attend!

Clean Up April 19/2009 Allan Roy will be holding his annual clean up. Members of FOSS and CCFEW will support Allan Roy. Posters will be put up by members. There will also be an information table with membership renewal forms. Membership will be renewed at Clean up Day or one can get the membership application from the FOSS BLOG and send money $5 and application to


64 Fourth Street.

Toronto, M8V-2Y3

Col. Sam Smith Park Art show will be held in late September to showcase our Gem of a Park. We encourage the community to get drawing,painting for our show. We are looking for Volunteers to help out with the show. Please contact FOSS

CCFEW’s general meeting will be held on April 23/09. Guest speaker will be a representative from Friends of High Park

Mimico 20/20 Vision will hold a 3 day conference April 7, 8 and 9/09

Breakfast of Champions sponsored by Lamp will be held on April 17/09 at 7.30 a.m.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


At Tuesday's meeting this week, the Community Working Group presented to residents their consensus choice for a location in Ward 6 for the skateboard facility. This is the same project proposed without adequate community consultation three years ago for the wetland/meadow area south of the Power House in Sam Smith Park . It is interesting to note that the site evaluation criteria for this current location search include "impact on the environment, safety, accessibility, proximity to services, compatibility with neighbouring uses", the very same issues raised by the community in the fight to stop it being built in the park!
The preferred site is the parquette on Eighth Street, north of the Lakeshore. The 10,000 square feet facility would require 41 % of the site's footprint. (Amos Waites' was the second site on the workgroup's list). Before technical assessment of the site is conducted, adjacent residents will be consulted. Skateboarders and others in the audience and on the workgroup appeared to be, for the most part, happy with the choice.
The fight against the skatepark in Sam Smith was always about common sense and proper process. It is refreshing to see these important elements applied this time.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Next meeting for Friends of Sam Smith Park scheduled for Tuesday March 10 at 7p.m. at LAMP, 185 Fifth Street, rm. 302. We will be discussing the upcoming park clean-up day and other issues.

All are invited and welcome.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is a great shot by George Raikou of the snowy owl that has delighted us all winter. He is on his favourite daytime perch on the boat docks. It is almost guaranteed that he can be found there every day, safe from harassment by dogs and people, waiting for the night's hunt.