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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Every year, we are seeing more and more people in kayaks and canoes exploring the Lake Ontario shoreline in and around Sam Smith Park
The explosion of kayaks, in particular, along the whole Toronto waterfront is huge.  Torontonians are discovering the simple pleasure of being out on the water in a self-propelled craft quietly gliding in to the bays and the rivers that run in to the lake, looking out for wildlife along the shores and enjoying the relaxed pace that paddling can provide.
Along the lake here, we are blessed with a number of these possibilities - the lake itself and the Credit and Humber rivers.  And for the slightly more adventuresome, there are the Toronto Islands with their secret lagoons and beautiful inner waterways.

A local group has recently formed to provide interested recreational kayakers the opportunity to join others for leisurely social paddles.  The Lakeshore Kayak Club has a website where you can request to be put on their contact list.  Their inaugural paddle is on Tuesday August 12th., 2014 along the Humber River. 

Go the website for details.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


"Cities are the main human ecosystem – 60 per cent of us now live in metropolitan areas with more than 100,000 people – but they also make us sick, depressed and anxious. By contrast, being around blue water, green trees and space makes us healthier, more productive, even more generous – a positive effect known as “biophilia.”"

LINK - How green cities are better for us physically and psychologically

Friday, July 4, 2014


Summary: Minutes of the FOSS Steering Committee Meeting

June 24, 2014

8:40 PM, Keaveney Residence, Etobicoke

  •          FOSS supports No Jets Toronto and CCFEW’s opposition to expansion of Billy Bishop (Toronto Island) Airport. FOSS has forwarded a letter outlining its concerns to the City clerk’s office. The letter will now be scheduled for consideration. See blog for details.
  •     FOSS-initiated off-leash informational signs for dog walkers have now been erected in several CSSP locations. The signs are also being considered for use in other city parks.
  •    The entire semi-circle of benches formerly located on the north side of CSSP marina has been destroyed by the City over lack of maintenance funds. Two other benches remain solely due to the personal initiative of a member of the yacht club. FOSS plans to contact city authorities advocating that the benches be restored, repaired or replaced. A yacht club member is also responsible for building the nesting platforms for the Red-necked Grebes.
  •    To encourage the nesting of Purple Martins, FOSS is seeking permission to move the yacht club’s martin house from its present location to a more suitable one near the water’s edge.
  •     FOSS has submitted a formal letter to Councillor Grimes outlining specific suggestions/requests for improvement to the dog park.
  •    FOSS supports the development of a community vegetable garden at the originally suggested location only, i.e. in the field found on the south side of Lakeshore Blvd. just west of the Rabba store. Attendees at a meeting held on March 3 unanimously agreed with this location. As of April 17. Councillor Grimes is still not in favour of this site.
  •    FOSS is concerned that proposed alternate sites (farther south or near the dog park) may be environmentally detrimental. FOSS also questions if there are alternate future plans for development of the Lakeshore Blvd. site that are comparable to the new Humber College welcome centre at the SW corner of Lakeshore and CSSP Drive. FOSS advocates open public consultation.
  •    As part of its new welcome centre, Humber College plans to protect some green space on the SW corner of CSSP Drive and Lakeshore Boulevard. FOSS advocates the preservation of crab-apple trees presently at that location. FOSS also supports plans being considered by Humber to reconstruct the Women’s Gazebo located on college grounds.
  •    Report all coyote sightings in CSS Park. See blog for details.