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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Recently, Friends of Sam Smith Park contacted Humber College with our request for bird-collision mitigation to be built in to the construction of the new Welcome Centre

 "......... we have not seen to date any information on the type of glass that will inevitably form a large part of the exterior fabric of the new building.  Ordinary glass, as you probably know, is a death trap for birds, particularly during migration.  Birds, with minimal forward vision but terrific peripheral vision, mistake the reflected tree as a real one and head towards it looking for the next food gleaning spot, and the result is an impacted bill, a crushed skull and death.  The numbers of our severely declining songbirds killed this way is staggering.  It is easy to research the awful statistics of this type of bird kill and the impact it is having on bird populations.Many architects, particularly in the United States, are using a “bird-friendly" glass in building construction  ......" 

Humber College has taken our concerns seriously and provided us with this thoughtful and thorough report on their plans to incorporate "Bird Friendly Design" in to the new building.

"PCL Constructors and Moriyama & Teshima Architects represent the project team on both the Athletic Centre and Welcome Centre projects at our Lakeshore Campus. They have been working closely with us in reviewing and responding to your comments related to the migratory bird concerns and have prepared the attached report."

The 14 page report can be read by following this link.

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