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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Summary: FOSS Steering Committee Meeting
February 24, 2015
 7:14 PM, Keaveney Residence, Etobicoke

  • Toronto Park Summit: Saturday, March 7, 1-5PM. 585 Dundas Street E. (Daniels Spectrum Building). Registration required. Councillors will be in attendance.
  • Seedy Sunday: March 22, 10:30AM to 3PM. Franklin Horner Community Centre, 432 Horner Avenue. Sponsored by LEGS (Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society). Visit the FOSS/CCFEW table. Make pine cone bird feeders. Consider purchasing a FOSS membership ($5 single, $10 family).
  • CSS Park Cleanup Day: Sunday, April 19. 9AM to 3PM. Volunteers are needed to help pick up unwanted trash in the park.
  • CSS Park Bird Festival: Saturday, May 23. 9AM-1PM. Kids’ activities. Nature displays. Photography contest. Door prizes. And much more.
  • FOSS Membership Renewals: See blog for membership form. Present members are encouraged to renew and individuals on FOSS’s contact list are welcome to join.
  • Tree Removal Applications have been submitted to the City of Toronto to facilitate the construction on Colonel Samuel Smith Drive of the new Humber College Welcome Centre (HCWC). Humber needs to remove 18 trees (For every tree removed, 3 will be planted—24 on the HCWC site and 30 on the Lakeshore Grounds. Humber will also plant 12 trees on the St. Leo’s school grounds).
  • FOSS advocates that native trees, not shrubs, be planted and that the location and species be determined by the city’s wildlife/habitat specialist in conjunction with the Forestry Department.
  • FOSS also suggests that the trees be planted in clumps in order to duplicate the habitat that will be lost with the building of the HCWC.
  • Many additional trees in CSS Park are suffering severe collateral damage from the city’s overzealous grass and weed trimmers.
  •  FOSS has been asked to provide representation/input related to the development of a planned 200 sq. ft. exhibit space highlighting the history of the Lakeshore Grounds.

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